Falls Church Merrifield Preschool

A Classical Preschool Education

“What the child can do in cooperation today he can do alone tomorrow” -Lev Vygotsky


My son just started preschool here and I cannot say enough great things about this place! Elena is really kind, helpful, communicative and you can tell that she just really cares about the school as a whole.

The school is super clean, the space is big , bright and beautiful, the teachers are really nice and the list goes on. My son is happy and is really thriving here! I’m so thankful for all that Elena and the teachers do for the kids and families!

Quynh Glasson

I simply cannot recommend this preschool enough. Like many working parents, we wanted to provide both of our kids with an environment that was comfortable for them during the day and allowed for their growth and development at this early age. We toured a number of schools (including Montessori) but didn’t feel great about our options until we visited FCMP, and in the past three years it has exceeded our expectations. We noticed fantastic progress within the first few months, and our son was more than prepared for kindergarten this year despite turning five a few weeks after the school year started. Elena and the teachers are phenomenal, and if you asked most of the other parents I’m sure they would agree. We and our kids are lucky to have them.

Chris Tomassian